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If you are looking for a courier service who can deliver important documents across town in a timely fashion, look no further than WMS Services Inc.. With our vehicles and our licensed couriers, there is simply no better team than us. Call us at (757) 879-6264 today.

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Keep Your Clients and Colleagues Happy with a Same-Day Delivery Courier Service

When you rely on an inexperienced courier to get an important document to a colleague, you're not only wasting your valuable time, you're wasting your colleague's time, too.

Working with a same-day courier who understands the importance of a deadline not only keeps your business running smoothly, it enhances your company's reputation.

For that sort of service, we invite you to contact us. We are the couriers who enhance your company's reputation!

You Set the Deadlines, and We Stick to Them: The Reliable Third-Party Courier Company

Deadlines are important to us because they're important to you. You will never catch us falling behind schedule or failing to meet your expectations.

How do we provide such consistent results? With our customized third-party courier services! Items under our care fall under non-stop, direct delivery, or regular delivery to ensure they arrive on-time.

Do you need to get important documents to a colleague before lunchtime, or do they need to reach their destination by the end of the workday? Whatever the case, we can help you. Our logistics team is capable of managing multiple deliveries so as to ensure every package arrives on time.

Third-Party Courier Services for Packages Big and Small

Many courier services only employ bike messengers. Though these messengers might be able to maneuver through traffic and get somewhere quickly, they're limited in their capabilities. These couriers can only make small deliveries, such as documents and lightweight parcels.

With the help of our experienced delivery team and our spacious vehicles, we are capable of making the deliveries that other couriers pass up on. Big or small, we'll make sure your items arrive at their destination on-time as promised.

The Commercial Courier Company with Minute-By-Minute Item Tracking

We give you more than a convenient alternative to local item delivery. We also give you peace of mind.

At any moment, we can let you know where on the delivery route your items are located. You won't have to worry about anything getting lost in transit with us!

From Your Desk to Theirs: The Streamlined Service of a Commercial Courier

Running a business can be challenging. With us by your side, though, you'll have one less thing to worry about. We'll focus on getting your items to their intended recipient, and we'll notify you when they're received.

No hassle, no stress, and a dramatic decrease in risks and liabilities. What could be better than that?

Call the Commercial Couriers at WMS Services Inc. Today!

Reduce transport expenses and increase company efficiency by partnering with us. Call us at (757) 879-6264 today. We're the lightning-fast and licensed couriers for you!